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Al parecer, la FIA le ha hecho una propuesta a Red Bull por el tema de superar el límite de presupuesto. Habrá que esperar para ver si aceptan o no.

Andrew Benson @andrewbensonf1 · 26min

The FIA has made an offer to Red Bull for the terms of an "accepted breach agreement" for them breaching the cost cap. Details, as with all issues on this matter, are confidential for now. Now Red Bull have to decide whether to accept or go before an adjudication panel


La FIA ya ha publicado el informe de lo ocurrido en Suzuka. Se van a tomar varias medidas.

  • Reconocen que la grúa salió demasiado pronto dadas las condiciones de la pista, ya que no estaban todos los coches agrupados.
  • También reconocen que «perdieron» el coche de Gasly, por lo que mejorarán el controlar la situación de todos los coches en todo momento.
  • Instan a los pilotos a que actúen con cabeza cuando se den ese tipo de situaciones.
  • Se va a revisar el drenaje del circuito.
  • También se revisará el rendimiento del neumático de lluvia.
  • A partir de ahora, cuando salga un coche de seguridad, habrá comunicación directa con los equipos y pilotos y se les informará de si hay alguna grúa en pista.
  • El delta del VSC se adaptará a las condiciones de la pista.
  • Aunque defienden que lo hicieron bien, van a revisar la redacción de la parte del Reglamento Deportivo referente a los puntos a repartir.
  • La consecuencia más directa es que eliminan el sistema de rotación del director de carrera y Freitas ya no volverá a estar en lo que queda de temporada.

El informe: https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/2022_f1_japanese_gp_car_recovery_review_.pdf


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Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 41/2022:  https://mega.nz/file/e5En2AZR#B4gaUAPmyFr5_NkN0ZWvSgsnfqKYIztD12XyKTKKwfI


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Fallece Dietrich Mateschitz, fundador de Red Bull, a los 78 años
En 1984 fundó una de las marcas más universales, Red Bull
Reescribió la historia del marketing e hizo suyo el escaparate de los deportes extremos

Fuente : https://soymotor.com/noticias/fallece-dietrich-mateschitz-fundador-de-red-bull-los-78-anos-9100238


DEP, Dietrich.

Hay que reconocer que hay un antes y un después en temas deportivos desde que Red Bull comenzó a patrocinar determinados deportes. Muchos de ellos eran minoritarios antes de que su patrocinio los diera a conocer. Incluso han ayudado a «crear» deportes nuevos gracias a que contaban con este apoyo.



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Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 43/2022:  https://mega.nz/file/yolASSpA#ZgzoEsFgU0beHEF4bnyY2Vm4gmU_lk77vkbCSRHAXeg



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Tendremos GP de México hasta al menos 2025.

Mexico Grand Prix 🇲🇽 @mexicogp · 2h

¡La #F1ESTA se extiende hasta 2025! 🇲🇽🏎🎉
CIE, de la mano del Gobierno de la CDMX, firma un acuerdo para que la #F1 permanezca en la capital del país por tres años más.
#MexicoGP #Formula1


Todo apunta a que Red Bull y Aston Martin han firmado un acuerdo con la FIA por romper el límite de gasto. Se espera que la sanción a Red Bull incluya una reducción de las pruebas aerodinámicas en 2023.

Red Bull, Aston Martin agree F1 cost cap breach deals with FIA

The Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team has concluded its cost cap deal with the FIA and the outcome is expected to be made public on Friday, Motorsport.com understands.

The team has reached an Accepted Breach Agreement, which in essence confirms that it acknowledges any wrongdoing and accepts any sanctions.

Aston Martin has also agreed an ABA for its less serious procedural breach, and details of that are also set to be revealed on Friday.

The FIA will explain the areas that are in dispute for both teams as well as the penalties.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner talked extensively with FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem over the US GP weekend, although technically any such conversations fell outside the official legal process.

Negotiations were put on hold after the death of Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz, but were concluded this week.

Red Bull has been guilty of both a procedural breach and a "minor" overspend, which is believed to be in the region of $1.8m. The team is understood to be receiving both a financial and sporting penalty.

It is understood that the latter will involve a reduction in aero testing heading into 2023. As constructors' champion the team will already have less windtunnel time and CFD usage than any of its rivals under the aero testing restriction regulations.

For Red Bull, the matters that were under debate are believed to include catering at the factory and feeding employees who were not under the cap, sick pay and redundancy issues, and how to deal with leftover spare parts at the end of the 2021 season, and their allocation to the heritage department.

It's believed that there may also be a tax issue.

Asked by Motorsport.com last weekend about the spare parts issue Horner said that it "had a seven-digit effect on our submission," which suggests that it was probably the single biggest factor in Red Bull being over the cap limit.

He downplayed any potential performance gain from the overspend.

"What you have to remember is that the submission can constitute about 75,000 line items," said Horner. "So, there's an enormous amount of data that has to be inputted into these submissions and I think it's only natural that, in a first year we have a set of very complicated regulations, to be able to get its arms around everything, is almost impossible. Almost impossible.

"And interpretations have been made, [that] maybe by other teams have been slightly different, and then a change like that has a huge swing in your application of how you've completed your form which, had we been able to resubmit at that point in time, we would have treated very, very differently.

"So there's probably several teams that have been affected in that manner."

Aston Martin was found guilty of a procedural breach that is understood to relate to a UK specific tax issue that was interpreted differently by the team and the FIA.

The penalty is expected to be solely financial, as was the case for Williams when it was deemed to have committed a procedural breach by submitting documents after the deadline earlier this year.

"I think it's complex, it's a complex set of regulations," team boss Mike Krack noted in Austin last weekend. "And it is not frustrating, it shows us that we have to do a better job in the future, that we are not having such issues.

"But at the end of the day, I think probably the most important thing is that we were under the cap. And the rest is procedural."