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Más presentaciones en este Autosport.

Descarga Autosport - 16 de febrero de 2023: https://mega.nz/file/OlNFDbwA#B-RsHvvKMhYeXjA0RJILE8XdKRfFwPEPj1PKxiLBQEQ


Los artículos de Autosport Plus en plena campaña de presentaciones de la F1.

  • The critical car launch element F1 teams are foolish to ignore.
  • What recent F1 history reveals about the chances of Red Bull being caught in 2023.
  • Karun Chandhok's 10 big questions facing F1 2023.
  • How Porsche's Daytona hiccups evoked the premiere of its Group C king.
  • How Vergne kept his cool to triumph in spicy Indian Formula E encounter.
  • How the WRC title fight ignited in Sweden's winter wonderland.
  • Why McLaren's 2023 may be a building year, despite new F1 car's Red Bull hints.
  • How Aston Martin has been "aggressive" with its 2023 F1 car design.
  • Why Piastri being "almost constantly a little unhappy" pre-F1 debut pleases McLaren.
  • Can Ferrari's new car topple Red Bull's modern F1 dominance?
  • Can the W14 take Mercedes back to the top of F1?
  • How a confident Ferrari launch has changed the perception of its 2023 F1 chances.

Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 07-2023:  https://mega.nz/file/OpEngRiC#8Qebg-DavymP6sQL3e-lw3H_Art6W34-DpTsJEgFx50


Autosport publicado justo el día que comenzaban los test de pretemporada de F1.

Descarga Autosport - 23 de febrero de 2023:  https://mega.nz/file/nl1nzAbZ#IlMfbnsmEtAgJbvdhGEAZ8IYTkHR5Jgl6lmKpIYYSyw


Artículos de Autosport Plus antes de que comenzasen a rodar los coches de esta temporada.

  • Is Alpine doomed to stay in F1's midfield - or will the A523 break it free?
  • The ominous alarm bell ringing after F1 launch season.
  • What Williams's new boss must do to change the fortunes of F1's backmarker.
  • Grand prix racing's forgotten year of change.
  • The alarm that still sounds from the FIA's driver expression clampdown.
  • What each team must escape in testing to avoid setting off alarm bells.

Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 08-2023:  https://mega.nz/file/Dt1zXbya#AAIFKvioeHInnFIm0QwCv3XNqWVxhzm8p7kmucIsmEs


El GP Racing de marzo nos trae un previo de la temporada.

Descarga GP Racing - marzo 2023: https://mega.nz/file/6pNwlJBC#I5WZz2rjhT7u7x-IxJStezrlFaxAgpVHYRJyZGQqgCs


Y tras los test de pretemporada, Autosport publica sus conclusiones en este número, que incluye una guía para esta temporada.

Descarga Autosport - 02 de marzo de 2023:  https://mega.nz/file/G9MXgY6Y#hqYqzGuTYsCmezXUKFDNtPrLH5btK-OhejGlNjChMJo


Más análisis de los test de pretemporada en estos artículos de Autosport Plus.

  • Why Red Bull's 'evolutionary' RB19 does not disappoint.
  • What we learned on day one of F1 testing in Bahrain.
  • Has F1's porpoising problem been eradicated in the 2023 cars?
  • What watching trackside in Bahrain indicates about F1 2023.
  • What we learned on day two of F1 testing in Bahrain.
  • Does F1 testing need an injection of fresh excitement?
  • What we learned on the final day of F1 testing in Bahrain.
  • How the F1 2023 competitive order is shaping up after Bahrain testing.
  • Has Alonso made the right choice gambling on Aston Martin F1?
  • Why "grounded" Hamilton remains confident in Mercedes' F1 recovery.
  • The fumble that inadvertently aided da Costa in Formula E's Cape Town classic.
  • The tangible steps Alpine has taken to meeting its humble F1 2023 targets.
  • Why Autosport is changing how it ranks F1 drivers from 2023 onwards.
  • What controls the frontline in the latest F1 design tech battles.
  • The rookies looking to make their mark on F1 in 2023.

Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 09-2023:  https://mega.nz/file/ixtAWSyJ#7NE0gAiBcQJxa82Rm301Ag3EQTs20uvX6vYrCwcfHps


Autosport le dedica la primera portada de la temporada a... D. Fernando Alonso Díaz.

Descarga Autosport - 09 de marzo de 2023:  https://mega.nz/file/SslHkLDR#2WarWAsbyaUKMBKZdjXp1IvyuKETn_W9e32qHbzrUn0


Tras disputarse la primera carrera de la temporada, estos fueron los artículos de Autosport Plus publicados.

A bad week or the dark horse from F1 testing?
The critical Red Bull tyre tactic Ferrari couldn't copy in Bahrain GP.
How Aston Martin and Alonso can save F1 2023 from Red Bull domination.
The signs that MotoGP's Japanese powerhouses are changing for the better.
How did the 2023 F1 rookies fare in Bahrain?

Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 10-2023:  https://mega.nz/file/7tkAhIJL#HK0BxDP_YaLpnAbKOrtFipXv7JKaSGrx7Cmlr3oYxQk


Autosport de mediados de marzo.

Descarga Autosport - 16 de marzo de 2023:  https://mega.nz/file/7pETDAjQ#ZxJjrK9-X-6tzQEyQbjb527hL5KJC5dTmRZhEWkCGp4


Artículos de Autosport Plus.

  • Why Aston Martin's surge has left its F1 rivals feeling conflicted.
  • Why Mercedes is fronting up to its F1 mistakes too much.
  • Why a Mercedes U-turn couldn't deny Sauber's F1 debut surprise.
  • How the F1 driver expression saga continues to have a Lineker-like problem.

Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 11-2023:  https://mega.nz/file/y49FFD4L#e1flJ-oyKgq5iN6jlBNOs5qzEhNb1e-KCYr_0QgockM


El Autosport publicado tras la carrera de Arabia Saudí.

Descarga Autosport - 23 de marzo de 2023:  https://mega.nz/file/XtMQARzB#JWJfn8hJVVTFfeq8_Y0mqyeEOnliJzoIPagh7eVEtAg


Los artículos de Autosport Plus publicados en la 12ª semana de este año.

  • Testing times for Vasseur, but the true challenge at Ferrari is about to come.
  • How Perez kept Verstappen's Saudi Arabian GP surge at bay.
  • The Mexico maestro keeps cool among the WRC chaos.
  • What Perez's Jeddah joy means for F1's 2023 hopes for a real title fight.
  • How "only tough" Tost's public lack of trust could hurt AlphaTauri.

Descarga Autosport Plus - semana 12-2023:  https://mega.nz/file/TwkGkLzD#NrfMFlbXz43XWbhhgX7eQSj3B4I6uPkQ6WagWEwHnHM


Ya tenemos el GP Racing del mes de abril, en el que Bottas se nos «desnuda».

Descarga GP Racing - abril 2023:  https://mega.nz/file/T11XyKhR#RtU0gWaddp30jvb6YkdDiL4XasaTevGe98gWPNU45GE


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